In Memory Of

Psalm 119:105Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.




1975 - This was Baron vom Blitzen.  He was an awesome dog.  Raymond worked part time as a security officer and Bear never let him down. 

This was Raymond's first German Shepherd Dog in the 1960's. Owning him started his lifelong love for the breed.


This was Tucker's Royal Rebellion.  He was the dog Raymond owned when we got married in 1972.  I was soon sold on the breed too!


For a while we showed in conformation classes with the American bloodline German Shepherd Dogs.

We began to realize that good conformation was important, but the working ability in the American bloodline dogs was slowly disappearing from the breed.   


1991 - This was our first 100% import bloodline dog, Xito vom Hainberg. He was so intelligent, took a full mouth bite on a hard sleeve.  It wasn't long before we were convinced that we would only have import bloodline German Shepherd dogs. 


1995 - This was Gene vom Geiersnest.  We feel so fortunate to have owned Gene.  We purchased her when she was 4 years old.  She was an own daughter of the famous dog Lord vom Gleisdreieck.  She produced some awesome puppies for us.  We retired her and she became a babysitter for Jaiden seen here in the crate together.

1995 - This was Bianka vom Richonhaus.  She was Kaye's shadow.  Her sire was Zack von Schudy's a certified Police canine.


1997 - This was Hiska vom Elsenzer See  SchH3.  Pound for pound one of the hardest females we have ever had.  She was a daughter of Yoschy von der Dollenwiese.


1997 - This was Ben von der Herbsleber Flur SchH3.  Ben was a show bloodline dog with a working bloodline attitude.  He took a full mouth bite on a hard sleeve.  I am convinced that he would have given his life to protect us.


 2001 - This was Monty vom Spartanville.  He sired some awesome puppies for us.  He was the sire of our male Karz vom Riverhaus (see below).  He loved sleeve work.  Known to tear up galvanized water buckets when he knew we were working other dogs. 


2003- This was Isis vom Ramhausen.  A beautiful Czech bred female.  She was awesome on the sleeve with some of the best working Czech bloodlines.  She is the dam of our female Ndigo vom Riverhaus.

We have been blessed to have owned some really nice German Shepherd Dogs through the years.  Here are just a few: 


2001 This was Ciera vom haus Reichenfels CGC.  She was an "old school" German Shepherd Dog.   She was tough as nails, could take a full mouth bite on a hard sleeve.

2005 - 2015 This was Eska vom Haus Lenox BH,  she was a Belgium import, West German Working bloodlines.  She had extreme working drive.  She is the dam of our female Ondi vom Riverhaus.


2007- This was Karz vom Riverhaus.  Karz a/k/a Trux was a product of our breeding program, he was pure DDR.  His sire was Monty vom Spartanville,   his dam was V Trine vom Schaferliesel SchH1.  He had great prey and defense drive. He produced beautiful, oversized puppies that had good drives. He was our house dog for most of his life.  He is greatly missed


Mavrick vom Eikelberg



Mavrick was West German show bloodlines.  His sire was Apollo von Nimbus his dam was Coca vom Mittlewest.  His 

bloodlines included VA1 Yasko vom Farenspiel, VA1 Ursus von Batu, VA1 Ulk von Arlett, VA1 Connie vom Farbenspiel and many more VA and V rated dogs. He produced beautiful, oversized puppies that have good drives and are working in Schutzhund and Personal Protection. 


Eickos vom Grafental

2004 - 2016


Eickos a/k/a Eick was 100% DDR.  He was very correct in structure and type, typical DDR with huge bone and head. His bloodlines were a real asset to our breeding program. His sire was Sando vom Haus Iris SchH2 "V" rated in structure, his dam was Venus vom Grafental SchH3 "V" rated in structure. He was line bred on Zorro Laager Wall (3-4), Alf Kornersee (3-4) and Don Rolandsteich (5-5).  

He had great drives and was one of the best movers we have had.  He passed these traits down to his prodigy. 




Buska von der Haus Tuc


Buska was pure DDR with super defense drive. Her sire is Eickos vom Grafental, (see above) her dam was Umsa vom Spartanville.  She produced some awesome puppies.  She was 4-4 on Gabi von der Wassermuhle ScHh3, 4,5-4 on V Alf vom Kornersee SchH3, PSH1 and 4,5-4 V Zorro vom Laagerwall SchH3, FH1.