Our Females

Matthew 6:19-21

 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.





Mia vom Eickental CGC


Mia Vom Eickental, a/k/a Sabre is pure DDR, with a beautiful movement, head and expression. Her sire is Gran Kuno vom Sonoline, her dam is Majestic Myka vom Sonoline. She has very good defense as the third picture shows. She will make an excellent addition to our breeding program. She is line bred 2-4 Taiga vom Ludwigseck, 3-5 V Don vom Clausberg SchH3, IPO3, FH2, 3-5 Quandell vom Grafental SchH3, 2-4 Wyatt von Henna-C, 3-5 Anni vom Schaferliesel, 3-5 V Treu vom Schaferliesel SchH1.  To see her pedigree click on the link below:




Diva vom Valek 

OFA Good Hips


Diva is 100% DDR.  Her sire is Enyo vom Grafental ScHh3, her dam is Tala von Dem Waldkonig. She is 4-4 on Sven vom Grafental ScHh3, 4-5 on Tino vom Felsenschlob SchH3 (LGA) FH2 IPO3.  We are excited to see what she will produce.

To see Diva's pedigree click on the link below:





Asta von der Riverhaus


Asta is 3/4 DDR and 1/4 West German/Belgium Working bloodlines.  Her sire is our male Oelmandorf's Thor, her dam is Ondi vom Riverhaus. She has a beautiful conformation, great movement and super defense!  We are anxious to see what she will produce.  To see her pedigree click on the link below:




Dotty vom Sucherquelle

OFA Fair Hips Normal Elbows 11/27/2014

Dotty is pure DDR.  Her sire is Blue vom Parchimer Land CGC TKN, her dam is Lexi vom Sucherquelle.  She is 5-4 on SG Muchta vom Schwarzhron SchH3 BSP/LGA FH, 5-5 on V Don vom Haus Iris SchH3, IP3 and 5-5 on SG Condor von der Tonteichen SchH3, IPO3.  She has produced one litter for us so far, and they were awesome! 

To see her pedigree click on the link below:





Gypsy vom Gator Land

OFA Good Hips


Gypsy is DDR and Czech bloodlines.  She comes from some excellent DDR lines, she has a wonderful temperament to go with her good looks.  We are anxious to see what she will produce in our breeding program.  To see Gypsy's pedigree click on the link below:





OFA Good Hips

Gretta is another new addition to our kennel, 100% DDR bloodlines.  We expect she will be an asset to our breeding program.  Better picture and pedigree information coming soon.

Yona vom Riverhaus


Yona is a product of our West German show bloodline program. Her sire is Mavrick vom Eickelberg her dam is Tana vom Traflaga. She is a oversize female with plenty of drive.  We plan to cross her on our East German males.  This should make some super nice working dogs.  Pedigree information coming soon.


Zetta vom Riverhaus


Zetta is a product of our breeding program. Her sire is Oelmandorf's Thor, her dam is Unga vom Riverhaus.  She is about 7/8 DDR, and 1/8 Czech.  She has extreme ball drive, has off lead obedience, had some scent detection training.  She should produce nice working dog prospects.  To see Zetta's pedigree click on the link below. 



Black Bella vom Boorman Haus

OFA Good Hips

Bella is a DDR/West German female. Her sire is Thorr von Schraderhaus, her dam is Aja an der Borg BH WH AD.  We think she will cross well on our male Orie.  This should make excellent companion/personal protection prospects.  To see Bella's pedigree click on the following link: